If you have a dog you probably know one of the hardest things to do is getting rid of fleas on dogs. Once dogs get fleas is can be difficult to get rid of them. The most recommended method from veterinarians is the prescription strength flea and tick medication such as Frontline and Advantage. These medication’s work on most pets but not all. A lot of people don’t realize they must treat their home for fleas as well or their animal will get them right back. There are many different methods used to treat your home for fleas. A common method includes flea bombs. Flea bombs can be bought over the counter. You set the bomb out in the middle of a room set it off and are usually required to leave the house for several hours and open windows to ventilate. Flea bombs can be messy so they are not the best choice for all, however, they do work.

Frontline Plus to Kill Fleas on Dogs

A good tip on how to get rid of fleas on dogs is to use one of the over the counter Advecta flea medications. Frontline Plus is one such medication that works well at ridding your pet of fleas. More natural alternatives such as vinegar can work also but generally not as well as prescription strength products that are designed for fleas. If you do go with flea medication to take care of your flea infestation sure to buy a product that also kills flea eggs. It is important to kill flea eggs or they will hatch and re-infest your pet. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you will want to continuously treat your pet as recommended on the packaging label. Some flea and tick medications require a monthly dosing and others are given every 3 months. Skipping a month can mean re-infestation so keep track of dosing on your calender.

A few recommended ways of treating fleas are as follows; If you have a tick infestation in your yard and you also have animals you know the importance of removing these ticks. Ticks can carry many diseases including lime disease so removing them from the yard is very important to your families safety, click here to get started!

If you have a heavily wooded backyard you may want to consider trimming some trees or removing any standing debris. If you have kids or animals keeping your backyard safe is important. Ticks can get on humans as well if you will be working outdoors in a wooded area wear a hat to protect your head from ticks. Check out this website at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/donna-solomon-dvm/flea-and-tick-control_b_3219674.html for more facts about fleas.


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